Transaction Types

At Traverse Pointe Partners our team has experience executing on a vast array of transaction types.  We look at companies in a variety of scenarios, including but not limited to:

  • Generational transitions: – Many family-owned businesses are approaching a transition stage where the founder or owner/operator is ready to take a step back.  The existing management team may not necessarily have the wherewithal to acquire the business themselves.  Our capital can help facilitate a liquidity event for existing ownership while providing continuity for the company and its next generation of leaders.
  • Industry consolidations: We review consolidation acquisitions to identify benefits that can be captured across two or more companies within a specific industry vertical. We look to broaden the revenue streams, capitalize on potential cost efficiencies, and build critical mass within the investment platform to give the business a competitive edge that was previously unavailable without a combination strategy.
  • Non-core divestitures: – Sometimes corporations decide certain assets, divisions or subsidiaries are not core to their value proposition.  We believe these divestitures can present a unique opportunity to create a standalone platform that re-instills autonomy and resets the strategic outlook of the business.
  • Recapitalizations: – It’s not uncommon for an owner/operator to have a significant amount of their net worth tied up in their business.  These owners can gain liquidity and diversification by partnering with us in a transaction, while still keeping a meaningful stake in their business.