About Us

Traverse Pointe Partners was founded on the philosophy of partnership.

Strong Partnerships

Post-acquisition, we look to create a strong partnership with management which we believe is critical to a successful transaction. We assemble a board of directors around each portfolio company that can act as a sounding board for management while assisting with strategic and operational initiatives. We seek to utilize every facet of the Traverse Pointe network, including our collective rolodexes to help give management additional opportunities to grow their companies faster. We also offer access to additional capital post-close and a team of transaction professionals on call to help further augment our portfolio company’s growth trajectory through acquisitions.


Traverse Pointe Partners has experience in tackling the challenges facing small family-owned businesses by bringing years of operating expertise to the table

More than capital

We bring more than capital to our portfolio companies, we’re involved from the beginning. We take an active role on the board of directors and working with management in order to solve the unique problems that face each individual business

Flexible Transactions

We can arrange flexible transactions structured to meet the long-term goals of each and every stakeholder

Unique approach

We can take a unique approach by leveraging our past experiences in order to put our partners in the best position to succeed moving forward

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